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JP McHale not only eradicate bugs when they are discovered, but we focus on prevention as well. Our year-round pest control services in Fairfield, New York keep pests and rodents out of your home or place of business. Standard exterminators do not always provide family- and pet-friendly pest treatments, but our service does.

Over the years, our team has earned a reputation for doing great work when it comes to pest control. And with our value packages, pests won't come back. Our services give businesses and families back the peace of mind they had lost.

At any time of the year, a member of our staff can come to you for a free, no-risk consultation.

We will give you a trained evaluation and list the options that fit your needs and situation best.

JP McHale's plan for Scarsdale leaves no room for bugs

Our ways of getting rid of pests are safe and reliable. It comes with a promise that they won't hurt your family or pets. We treat your home and business the same way we treat our own. After making sure that all of the bugs are gone, our staff will talk to you about how to keep your house pest-free for a long time. We offer methods that have been shown to work by science.

We care about the environment, so we offer some natural ways to get rid of bugs like ticks and mosquitoes. Even though we are in the business of getting rid of and driving away animals that don't get along with people, we treat all living things with respect because we all live on the same planet. Then give us a try!


When Would It Be Appropriate to Contact JP McHale?

The time of year might change how you need to deal with pests. All year, we can help get rid of rats, mice, and bed bugs, but there are times when you need to be extra careful.

In the spring, termites have babies. At the same time that spiders come out of their winter sleep, flies reach full maturity. When the flowers bloom and the summer sun shines on your yard, stinging bugs come out to play. Summer is the busiest time for fleas and ticks, and there are more mosquitoes.

In the fall and winter, when it's cold in the Northeast, some pests may seek shelter in your home. During the winter, cockroaches, spiders, and other creepy crawlies love to find a warm place to hide and cuddle up.

JP McHale offers seasonal services and full packages to keep unwanted people out of your homes and businesses, no matter what the weather is like.

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How does JP McHale help businesses in Scarsdale?

One of the best commercial pest control services in Scarsdale is run by JP McHale.

With our preventive pest control services, you have a few ways to protect your way of life.

Our visits are scheduled so that they don't happen during your business hours. Discretion means that no one knows we are there, including hotel guests, people eating in restaurants, and happy shoppers.

We can offer strategically timed visits to your business and have decades of experience with business including Food Processing, Food Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Universities, Museums, Hospitals, Logistics, Retail, Government and more.

Services for Homes by J.P. McHale: A Breakdown

There shouldn't be too much use of professional pest control. JP McHale has pest control services for homes of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Here are some of the things we can do for you:

- Part of our Home Pest Prevention Plan are visits to find and get rid of pests.

- If you choose our Plus Plan, you'll get organic tick management, mosquito treatment, termite mitigation and pest control treatments for the winter.

- In addition to the Plus Plan, our Complete Prevention Plan includes at least seven visits, with termite mitigation offered as an add-on.

- Finally, we have a program for preventing pests in the home. Your house is always being watched by our technology. With our SMART Eyes and SMART Connect devices, we keep an eye out for rats and other animals. Also, this system can be used with the Home Pest Prevention option for the best pest control protection.