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JP McHale is a Trusted Local Business in Somers, New York

JP McHale not only eradicate bugs when they are discovered, but we focus on prevention as well. Our year-round pest control services in Somers, New York keep pests and rodents out of your home or place of business. Standard exterminators do not always provide family- and pet-friendly pest treatments, but our service does.

We have a long track record of success in dealing with infestations of all kinds. No bug is too small and no job is too big for JP McHale to tackle. We take pride in the professional training and licensing all our staff must go through in order to enter your home or place of business. We are well known for integrity, customer service, and keeping abreast of the latest technologies for the management and destruction of pests.

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How JP McHale Keeps Somers Pest Free

How do we do it? Our methodology combined with a deep seated knowledge of pest behavior from fifty years of experience, as well as embracing the newest technologies in pest eradication and management.

Bugs won’t overwinter once JP McHale has treated the area in question. Our dedication to prevention is just as strong as our dedication to eradication. With a variety of budget-friendly packages available, we are the best choice for your pest removal and…peace of mind. Remember, vermin and bugs act on instinct. Give them an inch and they’ll take the proverbial mile, eating, chewing, and breeding until they threaten to take over your office or home. JP McHale is the best way to keep that from ever happening.

When Is the Best Time to Contact JP McHale?

Pest control requirements may change with the seasons. Our pest control treatments for rats, mice, and bed bugs are available all year, but there are times when you must be extra cautious.

Termite breeding season occurs in the spring. Flies reach adulthood at the same time as spiders emerge from their winter sleep. Stinging insects emerge to play as flowers bloom and summer heat hits your garden.

Summer brings an upsurge in mosquito, flea, and tick activity. Many pests may seek refuge in your home throughout the autumn and winter months to avoid the frigid Northeastern environment. Cockroaches, spiders, and other creepy crawlies like to hibernate and hide throughout the winter months.

JP McHale offers seasonal services as well as all-inclusive packages to keep unwanted visitors out of homes and businesses at all times.