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JP McHale Pest Control, founded in 1971, provides year-round pest management in the Greater New York City region using a combination of scientific solutions and time-tested methods. We employ over 300 trained professionals, and over 50,000 local companies rely on us.

Always use the best provider. That’s just common sense. For pest management, the best is JP McHale. We have tested all sorts of ways to deal with every kind of bug infestation out there. Our services are always in high demand because we use the most up-to-date ways to get rid of pests.

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There are a number of exterminators in Hopewell Junction, New York that specialize in a certain pest. They will gladly come and cleanse your house. Our pest control services, on the other hand, exceed expectations. Families and businesses are actively served by our specialist services that not only remove but actively prevent bug problems from reoccurring.

Assistance provided by JP McHale to Hopewell Junction Businesses

JP McHale is one of the top Hopewell Junction commercial pest control providers. Our preventive pest control services provide a range of options for protecting your livelihood.

Our events are organized to avoid conflicts with your business hours. Due to our prudence, hotel guests, restaurant diners, and delighted shoppers are unaware of our presence.

We can offer strategically timed visits to your business and have decades of experience with business including Food Processing, Food Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Universities, Museums, Hospitals, Logistics, Retail, Government and more.