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Wildlife Control

At JP McHale Pest Management, we manage wildlife and the problems they cause with a science-based approach. With our services, we'll safely and humanely remove any unwanted animals on your property. From trapping to relocating wildlife, our trained professionals will handle the entire process, including the cleaning of nests and droppings. We'll also make sure that wildlife does not return in the future through exclusion methods like installing barriers and sealing entry points.

We manage the following wildlife animals:
• Bats
• Squirrels (Red, Flying, Grey)
• Skunks
• Raccoons
• Opossums
• Woodchucks, Groundhogs
• Voles
• Moles
• Birds (House Sparrow, Starling, Pigeon, Woodpecker)
• Nesting material removal and relocation of birds
• Bird Prevention
• Home Inspections for Buyers and Sellers

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