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Special Services

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Special Services

Why you should trust JP McHale Pest Management

From Rodent Suppression programs to help keep rodents out of your home, to Insulation and Crawl Space Encapsulation projects, to Flood, Mold and Water Restoration projects, JP McHale Pest Management is here to help.

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Our Services

Restoration & Exclusionary Services

We offer a wide variety of restoration and exclusionary services to protect your home or property

Wildlife Exclusion

With a science-based approach, we'll safely and humanely remove any unwanted animals on your property.

Mold Remediation

Whether you're dealing with a flood, or a moldy basement, we offer a seamless, responsible environmental preservation with results.

Rodent Suppression

Our highly trained and experienced team locates rodent access points and seals them with a variety of professional materials throughout your structure.

Crawl Space Restoration

We offer a wide variety of customized services to disinfect, restore and prevent your premises from reoccurring damage.


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