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JP McHale is the trusted choice in Putnam Valley, NY

Our significant track record of success in removing all forms of infestations is unmatched in the local area. JP McHale can handle any type of pest work, no matter how big or complicated. We take pride in the continual education and licensure that our staff must get before entering your home or place of business. Our organization is well-known for its integrity, commitment to its customers, and utilization of cutting-edge, effective, pest management tactics.

Families and businesses can rely on JP McHale for any pest control issue. Our dependability is well-known and we always offer cost-effective solutions to your pest problems. We can be at your house or workplace within hours of your request, offering free estimates and an investigation into the nature of the problem.

JP McHale Creates a Pest-Free Putnam Valley

Our technique combines an in-depth study of insect behavior obtained from fifty years of experience, applying cutting-edge pest management and eradication technologies.

Bugs will not overwinter in the area after JP McHale has treated it. Our dedication to eradication is matched by our dedication to prevention. We are the best solution for your peace of mind and provide a number of economical packages.

Vermin and bugs act on instinct. They are indifferent to the trouble they can cause. By eating, chewing, and reproducing themselves, they constitute a threat to your office or home. The simplest approach to prevent such situations is to contact JP McHale!

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JP McHale provides assistance to Putnam Valley businesses.

JP McHale is a leading commercial pest control company in Putnam Valley. Our preventative pest control services provide a variety of choices for safeguarding your livelihood.

Our activities are planned to prevent clashes with your working hours. Hotel visitors, restaurant eaters, and pleased shoppers are unaware of our presence.

We can offer strategically timed visits to your business and have decades of experience with business including Food Processing, Food Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Universities, Museums, Hospitals, Logistics, Retail, Government and more.

JP McHale's Residential Services Explained

Professional pest control should only be performed with care and skilled preparation. JP McHale provides pest control services to homes of all sizes and price ranges. Some of the services we provide are as follows:

- Inspections to find and destroy pests are part of our Home Pest Prevention technique.

- If you choose our Plus Plan, you'll get organic tick management, mosquito treatment, termite mitigation and pest control treatments for the winter.

- In addition to the Plus Plan, our Complete Prevention Plan includes at least seven visits, with termite mitigation offered as an add-on.

- Our last service is a Home Pest Prevention Surveillance Program. Our technologies are always monitoring your home. With our SMART Eyes and SMART Connect devices, we keep an eye out for rodents and animals. This system is also compatible with the Home Pest Prevention option, which provides total pest control protection.