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New Fairfield Puts Faith In Our Years of Experience

JP McHale Pest Control, founded in 1971, provides year-round pest management in the Greater Connecticut City region using a combination of scientific solutions and time-tested methods. We employ over 300 trained professionals, and over 50,000 local companies rely on us.

We provide year-round assistance to our customers and are always prepared to look into the nature and scope of their issue. Because our work speaks for itself, we provide free estimates. When it comes to eliminating vermin and bugs, destroying their nests, and making sure they do not return, there is simply no better team than the JP McHale crew.

No matter what kind of critter has been troubling you, it will soon be gone for good. Our pest control professionals are accessible night and day to start sanitizing your house or business. Nobody puts as much effort into making the unpleasant process of discovering a pest nuisance as easy and effective as we do.

New Fairfield Homes & Offices Know About Our Success

Over the course of more than fifty years, we have improved and enhanced our expertise, and expanding our pest control services to a larger area. We now provide a free consultation and four customized Home Pest Prevention packages. Additionally, we provide organic remedies for tick management and mosquito control.

Our employees are driven. They have commitment. Additionally, they have received training in the techniques required to get rid of rats and pests before they become a significant issue for you. We have used both tried-and-true conventional techniques and cutting-edge innovations in our pest control work.

Not only are these unwanted guests offensive and disruptive, but they may also sometimes transmit illness, ruin commercial chances, and disturb family harmony. Stop allowing it to happen to you! When you contact us, one of our 300 staff members in the Northeast will be at your door shortly.


When Would It Be Appropriate to Contact JP McHale?

The need for pest management may alter with the seasons. Our pest control services for rats, mice, and bed bugs are available throughout the year, but there are periods when you must be more vigilant.

Spring is termite breeding season. At the same time spiders emerge from their winter hibernation, flies attain maturity. When flowers blossom and summer heat reaches your backyard, stinging insects emerge to play. The summer brings increased mosquito and flea and tick activity.

During the fall and winter months, many pests may take shelter in your house to escape the chilly Northeastern climate. Cockroaches, spiders, and other creepy-crawlies like nothing more than to hibernate and hide throughout the winter months.

JP McHale provides seasonal services as well as all-inclusive packages to keep unwelcome guests out of homes and businesses, regardless of the season.


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Assistance provided by JP McHale to New Fairfield Businesses

JP McHale is one of the top New Fairfield commercial pest control providers. Our preventive pest control services provide a range of options for protecting your livelihood.

Our events are organized to avoid conflicts with your business hours. Due to our prudence, hotel guests, restaurant diners, and delighted shoppers are blissfully unaware of our presence.

We can offer strategically timed visits to your business and have decades of experience with business including Food Processing, Food Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Universities, Museums, Hospitals, Logistics, Retail, Government and more.


Explanation of JP McHale's Residential Services

Professional pest control should only be used thoughtfully and with expert planning. JP McHale delivers pest control services to residences of various sizes and pricing points. The following are some of the services we offer:

- Our Home Pest Prevention method includes inspections to identify and eliminate pests.

- If you choose our Plus Plan, you'll get organic tick management, mosquito treatment, termite mitigation and pest control treatments for the winter.

- In addition to the Plus Plan, our Complete Prevention Plan includes at least seven visits, with termite mitigation offered as an add-on.

- The last service we provide is a Home Pest Prevention Surveillance Program. Your house is continually monitored by our technologies. We keep an eye out for rodents and animals with our SMART Eyes and SMART Connect devices. Additionally, this system is compatible with the Home Pest Prevention option to provide comprehensive pest management protection.