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JP McHale Pest Control, founded in 1971, provides year-round pest management in Centerpoint, New York using a combination of scientific solutions and time-tested methods. We employ over 300 trained professionals, and over 50,000 local companies rely on us.

After eliminating pests, we concentrate on prevention. Our personnel are educated on all the latest technologies and standard procedures. Pests have no chance when our crew is present! We will come, eliminate whatever pests you have, and then keep them away for a very long time.

Our customers have faith in us because we treat them with integrity; consequently, we are permitted access to their facilities and work efficiently and thoroughly. We are adept at eliminating insects from your home or business since we are acquainted with their cunning methods.

Centerport has faith in our methods because we provide rapid results

Our pest control services in Centerpoint, New York are effective, guaranteed and will stand the test of time. For more than fifty years, we have improved and enhanced our expertise, expanding our pest control services for those in need. We now provide a free consultation and four customized Home Pest Prevention packages. Additionally, we provide organic remedies for tick management and mosquito control.

Pest control demands a reasonable strategy and persistent effort. Our crew works diligently to eradicate pests from your home or business. Our staff is trained in the most modern eradication techniques. Using methods that will not harm your loved ones or pets. We are even able to engage in organic, environmentally good behavior. You may be certain, however, that whichever technique we use at your home or place of business will be entirely effective. Our job keeps you safe as our work is accomplished. It takes time and training to bring our staff up to the level where they know every effective strategy available for ridding your home or office of pests. They will soon have you living in pest-free peace once again.


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JP McHale's Assistance for Centerport Businesses

JP McHale is one of the best commercial pest control companies in the Centerport. Our preventative pest control services provide you a variety of solutions for safeguarding your livelihood.

Our activities are scheduled such that they do not conflict with your company hours. Everyone from hotel visitors to restaurant eaters to joyful shoppers are oblivious of our presence due to this discretion.

We can offer strategically timed visits to your business and have decades of experience with business including Food Processing, Food Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Universities, Museums, Hospitals, Logistics, Retail, Government and more.

JP McHale's Residential Services Explained

Professional pest treatment should be used sparingly. JP McHale provides residential pest control services for homes of all sizes and price ranges. Here are some of the services we provide:

- Visits to detect and address pest activity are part of our Home Pest Prevention strategy.

- If you choose our Plus Plan, you'll get organic tick management, mosquito treatment, termite mitigation and pest control treatments for the winter.

- In addition to the Plus Plan, our Complete Prevention Plan includes at least seven visits, with termite mitigation offered as an add-on.

- Last but not least, we provide a Home Pest Prevention Surveillance Program. Our technology continuously monitors your home. With our SMART Eyes and SMART Connect devices, we keep an eye out for rodents and animals. Furthermore, this system may be used with the Home Pest Prevention option for complete pest control protection.