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What is SMART?

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SMART Digital Pest Control


What is SMART service?

SMART Service is only available through JP McHale and other Anticimex companies. Small Sensors are placed near baits, traps, likely rodent pathways and/or possible access points. The Sensors monitor 24/7 for movements and communicate with a base unit called the ‘Connect’ (white ‘box’) which must be plugged into a regular electrical outlet. The Connect uses cellular service to communicate movement data to our SMART specialists in the office and our techs in the field.

Will I be notified of every movement alert?

No, SMART Service is NOT an alarm system. It monitors the results of our control measures and helps us target our efforts when and where needed. If your home has a rodent issue, we expect movement alerts. Initially, we monitor the activity level and, over the first few weeks, watch that activity trend down to zero. If activity persists, we will reach out to schedule service and adjust our control measures accordingly. We then continue to monitor SMART for any new activity

Are SMART Sensors cameras?

No, they are not cameras. They are Sensors and DO NOT record images or videos, they just alert us to movements which may indicate the presence of rodents. SMART Sensors use Passive Infra-Red (PIR) technology to detect both motion and temperature changes. SMART also keeps a record of movement alerts over time so we can track activity trends.

Do sensors only alert to rodent movements?

No, SMART Sensors record movement and temperature variation. If something moving in front of the Sensor is warmer (or cooler) than the background, a ‘movement’ is recorded. This may include people and pets. Mice are active mostly at night and in secluded areas like basements, crawlspaces and attics. We position our sensors accordingly and monitor for consistent night-time activity. We try to filter out alerts caused by human or pet activity. We may periodically relocate sensors for this reason.

Does SMART eliminate rodents?

No, SMART is a monitoring tool that helps us target our control efforts effectively and timely. Given the reproductive capacity of mice, it doesn’t take long for a small problem to become a big one. But, with SMART we can address it before that happens; usually before you’re aware of the problem.

Does the SMART equipment use my Wi-Fi?

No, the SMART Connect unit communicates with the Sensors by radio frequency and then uploads data to our App via any available cell networks. However, if cell service is spotty in your area, our technician may ask to use your Wi-Fi only to facilitate setup and installation, as this step requires more data than normal SMART operation.

Do I own the SMART equipment, and will I have access to the data?

SMART is proprietary Anticimex technology. All devices, software and data are the property of JP McHale, an Anticimex Company. We use the data to identify new activity and track activity trends. From this, we can target and schedule service as needed. If you are curious about how your SMART system is working, we would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Does the SMART Connect need to stay plugged In?

Yes, it’s very important that the Connect remain powered. Otherwise, monitoring data will be inconsistent. Our technician will need to install it near a dedicated outlet in an area where it will have consistent cell signal, usually near an outside wall on a level above grade.

What if there's a power outage?

SMART devices have backup batteries to maintain the connection between devices until power is restored. If we get an alert that a device has lost power, we will contact you. It may be that the Connect was unplugged for some reason and just needs to be plugged in again. If a service visit is required, we’ll schedule that as soon as possible.

I unplugged it? What should I do now?

If you’ve unplugged it recently, you can just plug it back in. The backup batteries maintain the connection between devices until power is restored. If we get an alert that a device remains unpowered, we will contact you to schedule a service visit if necessary.

Is SMART safe for people and pets?

Absolutely! SMART is the eco-friendly and does not use any toxins or chemicals to operate.

What should I do with the SMART equipment during construction?

Sometimes SMART devices get misplaced or disposed of during construction or remodeling. If SMART devices need to be moved for a construction project, please notify us. We will gather the Connect and Sensors for safe storage on site until the project is done and then re-install the system. This may avoid having to replace them at additional cost.

I’m a new owner. What are these things?

SMART Service uses proprietary Anticimex technology. Small Sensors (gray devices) are placed near baits, traps, likely rodent pathways and/or possible access points. The Sensors monitor 24/7 for movements and communicate with a base unit called the ‘Connect’ (white ‘box’) which must be plugged into a regular electrical outlet. The Connect uses cellular service to communicate movement data to our SMART specialists in the offce and in the field.

I just had SMART installed, and I still have mice. Now what?

SMART alone does not eliminate rodents; it monitors the effectiveness of our conventional control measures which can take time. During the initial weeks of SMART service, we monitor for a downward trend in activity levels. We use this trend data to adjust the timing and targeting of our control measures. Once activity ceases, SMART continues to monitor for any new rodent issues.

My tech was just here and I noticed the units have been moved. Why?

We want SMART to monitor areas where rodent activity is most likely. This may change over time. We also want to filter out human and pet movement alerts as much as possible. We may move Sensors for either of these reasons. The goal is to collect the best data to help us keep your home rodent free.

What if there Is no cell service at my home?

In rare cases, the SMART Connect may be unable to find a cellular signal. If this happens, an ethernet connection may be an option. Using a standard ethernet cable the Connect can be plugged into the properties router and SMART data is sent to us without cell service. 

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