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What is SMART BOX?

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SMART Digital Pest Control


What is SMART Box?

JP McHale’s SMART Box is a multi-catch trap that deals with rodents (mice and/or rats) above ground.  It is part of the SMART System of digital rodent control and uses proprietary Anticimex technology. 

How Does SMART Box Work?

An attractant/bait lures the rodent into the box.  Sensors then detect movement and body heat. This triggers a catch function which kills the rodent with an electrical current, quickly efficiently and without any toxins. SMART Box then deposits the rodent in an internal bagged and lidded receptacle.  A catch event is recorded and the trap automatically resets to prepare for another catch.  SMART Box uses cellular service to communicate catch data to our SMART specialists in the office and our techs in the field.

Where is SMART Box Placed?

SMART Box can be placed indoors or outdoors where rodents are likely to travel or congregate.  Examples may include basements, storage rooms, fence lines, dumpster areas, and near overhead/exterior doorways.  SMART Box is battery powered and self-contained.  SMART Box just needs a cell signal to send data to our back office SMART specialists.

How Many Rodents Does SMART Box Hold?

The SMART Box trap receptacle will hold up to 5 large rats or 50 mice.  That said, our office is alerted to each catch and we will respond to empty, clean and service the SMART Box long before it reaches capacity.

Will I be Notified of Every Catch?

No, when we are dealing with a known rodent issue, catches are expected.  Our Service Department monitors SMART catch alerts to make our control efforts timely and efficient.  Over time, as control is achieved, SMART Box continues to monitor for any new rodent issues. 

Does SMART Box Eliminate Rodents?

Yes and no.  SMART Box is part of an overall control program.  While each rodent trapped is certainly ‘eliminated’ SMART Box also monitors the efficacy of our other control efforts.  This may include rodent exclusion and timely, effective service visits.

Does the SMART Box Use My Wi-Fi?

No, the SMART Box communicates with us by cell service.  During setup, it will find and connect via the best signal available.      

Do I own the SMART equipment, and will I have access to the data?

SMART is proprietary Anticimex technology. All devices, software and data are the property of JP McHale, an Anticimex Company. We use the data to identify new activity and track activity trends. From this, we can target and schedule service as needed. If you are curious about how your SMART system is working, we would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Is SMART Box Safe Outside in the Weather?

Yes, SMART Box’s electrical components are secure from normal weather.  It will even alert us in the event of flooding in the trap.  If we find that the SMART Box placement is not optimal because of flooding or some other reason, our technician will relocate it.

What if there's a power outage?

SMART devices have backup batteries to maintain the connection between devices until power is restored. If we get an alert that a device has lost power, we will contact you. It may be that the Connect was unplugged for some reason and just needs to be plugged in again. If a service visit is required, we’ll schedule that as soon as possible.

Someone Moved My SMART Box or Threw it in the Dumpster. What do I do?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a SMART Box is mistaken for something else – broken office equipment, etc… - and moved or thrown out.  If this happens, retrieve it if possible and contact us right away.  We will schedule a service visit to service and evaluate the condition of the SMART Box

Is SMART safe for people and pets?

Absolutely! SMART is the eco-friendly and does not use any toxins or chemicals to operate.

I just had SMART Boxes installed, and I still have Mice. Now what?

Eliminating rodents takes time.  SMART Box is part of the solution.  It traps/kills multiple rodents, monitors the effectiveness of our conventional control measures and helps us identify problem areas and likely access points.  In the first 30 days of SMART service, we monitor for a downward trend in activity levels.  We use this trend data to adjust the timing and targeting of our control measures.  Once activity ceases, SMART continues to monitor for any new rodent issues.  

My technician was just here and I noticed the SMART Box was moved. Why?

We want SMART Box placed where rodent activity is most likely.  This may change over time.  We also want to avoid flooding of the Box if possible.  We may move a SMART Box for either of these reasons.

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