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Where Do Mice Live & How Do They Survive The Winter? | JP McHale
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Where Do Mice Live in the Winter?

Most people believe that mice and other rodents go into hibernation for the winter because the critters aren’t seen as widely during the colder months. But this is completely untrue. Mice don’t hibernate. In fact, the cold weather actually drives outdoor mice inside where they can stay warm and bunker down for winter by gathering food.

Unlike other pests, mice mate and breed all year round, so there is no “spring infestation explosion.” And, the longer nights of winter fit perfectly within a mouse’s preference for nighttime foraging. This is why JP McHale receives more calls for mice infestations in the winter than any other time of year.

Temperatures Dropping = Mice Heading Indoors

During summer, mice have no problem finding food outside. But, once winter settles in, it becomes increasingly harder for mice to find food outdoors, especially with the trees bare and the ground covered by snow. So, they migrate inside where they can find food in greater supply.

In most cases, mice will live in the walls or in the attic of a home or facility. Because of the distance between the nest and the food supply, you will usually hear sounds of scratching in the walls or muffled squeaks as the mice travel back and forth. It’s not uncommon for mice to raid pantries and cold cellars, tearing into dry good packaging and making a general mess of things.

It is important to note that mice only need about three grams of food to survive and they drink very little water. So, there is a strong chance that you’ll never see a mouse scurrying along the floor. These are very clever creatures and they horde food so they don’t have to leave the nest frequently. The most common sign of a mice infestation is their tell-tale droppings, which resembles brown or black grains of rice.

Let JP McHale Eliminate Your Mice Infestation Today!

If you run a restaurant, hotel, or other type of facility, a mice infestation can cause an immense amount of damage to your building, products, and reputation. Don’t let this happen to you – call JP McHale today. We can get rid of your rodent infestation quickly and effectively. We’re a family-owned and operated business in New York City and we put our customers first each and every time. We’re here to help so give us a call today.