Don’t Let it Snow: Mice Stay Out!
  1. Don’t Let it Snow: Mice Stay Out!

FEBRUARY 27 2023 /

Don’t Let it Snow: Mice Stay Out!

The first major snowstorm of the year is approaching! Most children are jumping with glee at the prospect of a day off from school frolicking in the snow. Meanwhile, mice will be on an active hunt for warm shelter and food, potentially in your nice cozy home. With this week's forecast predicting more snowy days on the way, you can take steps to make sure that your home does not become a snow hideout for mice.

Mice carry harmful diseases and can cause destruction to your appliances and furniture, contaminate your food, and even cause electrical fires from gnawing through your wires.

Follow these tips to prevent a rodent problem in your home:

  • Keep your kitchen clean!

Thoroughly vacuum all areas of your home and pay special attention to your kitchen, pantry areas, and wherever food tends to accumulate. Be sure to store all food items in the refrigerator and plastic sealable containers.

  • Repair leaks - don’t let mice rehydrate in your home!

Repair any leaky pipes, sinks, tubs, and toilets. Make sure there are no areas of standing water around your house that mice can use as a water source.

  • Keep Mice Out!

Inspect the outside of your home, especially your foundation, exterior walls, and roof areas for any gaps, cracks, or holes. If you find any openings be sure to seal them up. No hole is too small – mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime and rats the size of a quarter!

  • Use Technology Instead of Traps: Get SMART!

Take a proactive approach with our innovative SMART  technology, designed to replace standard rodent control solutions. Our experts digitally track pest activity in real-time and know if there is rodent activity in your home long before you even see one mouse. We can create a customized plan based on your current Home Pest Prevention Program.

For more information on SMART, call (800) 479-2284 or email