Watch Out for Late Winter Bugs!
  1. Watch Out for Late Winter Bugs!

FEBRUARY 15 2023 /

Watch Out for Late Winter Bugs!

They’re Here! Watch Out for Late Winter Bugs!

Termites, Cockroaches, and Ants… Your Late Winter Bugs have returned!

Be proactive and keep these unwanted late-season guests out of your home.  The first step is knowing who they are and how to block all their entry points.

Termites swarm and reproduce until late February. They thrive in wet environments. In fact, the late winter rain is perfect for termites to survive. They live in colonies that cause severe property damage and often nest within wood piles, leaves, and other outdoor trash. To avoid this pest, keep yard waste to a minimum and seal any minor entry points. It’s also important to eliminate any moisture near the foundation of your home. Water should be diverted away with properly functioning gutters, downspouts, and splash blocks. In addition, lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems should be oriented to minimize water puddling near the foundation.

Cockroaches are one of the biggest concerns throughout February. Their nesting patterns lead to the hatching of an entirely new generation of cockroaches throughout the last weeks of winter. To avoid an infestation, it’s essential to keep all food secured away from roaches. Cockroaches are also drawn to leaky faucets and dripping pipes. To prevent them from entering your home, make sure everything is clean and dry! Be sure to check all bathtubs, sinks, and washing areas for any leaks.

During mild winters, like the one we are experiencing this year, ants are tricked into coming out of hibernation to seek food. If you are seeing ants inside your home this month, it is likely that they've formed a colony inside somewhere. The number one way to prevent ants is to keep your home clean! Quickly clean up spills and crumbs, and, keep all food in airtight containers.

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