7 Expert Tips to Enjoy a Bug-Free Memorial Day BBQ
  1. 7 Expert Tips to Enjoy a Bug-Free Memorial Day BBQ

MAY 25 2023 /

7 Expert Tips to Enjoy a Bug-Free Memorial Day BBQ

Memorial Day weekend, also known as the “unofficial” start of summer, is just days away! Whether you’re opening up the pool or getting ready to fire up the grill – don’t forget one of the most important pre-summer preparations - protecting your home from pests!

From wasp nests in the grill to annoying flies in your food, and of course, those dreaded, itchy mosquito bites – don’t let annoying bugs ruin your outdoor fun.

Follow these 7 Pest Expert Tips to Get Ready for a Pest-Free Memorial Day Weekend!

  1. Eliminate standing water, wet spots, and collection areas around the outside of your home to help reduce opportunities for carpenter ants to invade your home.
  2. Take the time to inspect your roof eaves, under the barbeque, and under the deck. These are perfect places for wasps to build their nests. Also, beware of stinging insects when opening your grill for the first time this season!
  3. The bliss of your first refreshing dip in your backyard pool is priceless, but not just for you!  Watch out for bugs and rodents who may end up in your pool and/or pool filter. Keep your pool covered when not in use and make sure your garden is far away from the pool to prevent pests from enjoying a dip.
  4. Remove areas where water is pooling, including outdoor bird baths.
  5. Add mosquito-eating fish, like minnows, as well as an agitator to ornamental ponds to deter mosquito breeding sites. These are both effective enhancements to a holistic Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. 
  6. Instead of using white lightbulbs that attract flying insects, switch to yellow lightbulbs for an insect-free lighting solution.
  7. Enjoy peace of mind and guaranteed protection with a professional tick and mosquito treatment! Our Organic Tick and Mosquito Management program is designed to reduce the tick and mosquito population around your property using environmentally sensitive materials and strategies. 

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