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Humans Aren’t the Only Thing Emerging After a Cold Winter

mosquitoes swarming in the summerWelcome to summer months –– the time when you can get outside, enjoy a cold beverage on your porch, visit the pool, stay active outside, and fight the good fight against mosquitoes. While you were inside, trying to stay warm through an exceptionally cold winter, the conditions were being set for bug populations to explode in the warmer weather.

According to this year’s bug barometer forecast from the National Pest Management Association, the Northeast in particular can expect to see a mosquito boom. Mosquitoes thrive in climates that contain lots of water, which they use to breed. You may look around your property and think, “Why worry? I don’t have any ponds, pools or streams nearby.” But that doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods. With all of the snow that lay in piles around New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, those melting mountains provided all the stagnant water needed for a mosquito to lay its eggs and start the breeding process that’s getting ready to explode.

It’s not just the bites, however, that you need to worry about. While it’s true that mosquitoes feed on human blood, they don’t only leave an itchy bite site behind. Two million people die every year from the viruses that mosquitoes transmit, including, but not limited to, the West Nile Virus and malaria.

Comprehensive Mosquito Extermination Services from JP McHale Pest Control

The good news is that you’re not completely helpless against mosquitoes. JP McHale Pest Control provides a Vector Intervention Program for clients who are suffering from an increased mosquito population in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. With more than 40 years of experience, we’ve honed in on what really works to keep mosquitoes from buzzing around your backyard –– and that includes a mixture of what your grandmother may have used (such as garlic oil and tomato extract) and more modern products of a professional grade.

Want to try to tackle the problem yourself? You should still start with JP McHale. Our mosquito and pest control professionals offer products that you can take home to clear out your outdoor living space yourself. Regardless of the level of your mosquito infestation issue, we’re here to help. Call JP McHale’s professional extermination team at 800-479-2284 or contact us through our online form to request more information.