1. Winter’s Unwelcome Guest: Mice!

JANUARY 14 2022 /

Winter’s Unwelcome Guest: Mice!

It’s that time of year again - the unwanted rodents living around your home are looking for a warm place to stay for the winter months. Mice are looking to burrow and chew their way into your home, even if that means chewing through wires and walls. The good news is, you can prepare your house to keep mice out and utilize pest control services to catch and deal with the small rodents. JP McHale technicians will help you keep mice out this Winter!

How to Know if Mice are in My House

Typically, mice are nocturnal creatures, however, they can be seen during the daylight, especially if they are looking for food. These are the signs to look out for this Winter to know if mice have gotten into your home and when to call mice exterminators:

  • Squeaking and scurrying can be heard in the walls and ceilings.
  • There is a musky smell or even a rotten odor in your home - the rotten smell could be a sign that a mouse has died within your walls and is now decomposing.
  • Mice droppings can be seen in areas close to or on the way towards food or exits. Mouse feces can be found in kitchen cabinets, underneath stoves, or on countertops.
  • Small mouse footprints can be found on dusty surfaces.
  • Gnawing and chewing marks are found on doors, wires, corners, and other materials. Sometimes you can even see small piles of wood shavings left from the chewing.
  • Lastly, if you’ve found a nest, you definitely have mice. Nests can be found in garages, basements, attics, or closets. They are usually built up with fabrics, pieces of paper, and other fibrous substances. Typically, mice nests are 4-6 inches in diameter.

Why Should I Worry About Mice?

Some people might think - oh they are just little creatures, it’s no problem if a few mice find their way in our home this Winter. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as a foster pet. Mice can cause serious damage in more ways than one. Mice can contaminate food with waste and urine and leave droppings around the kitchen and eating areas which is unsanitary and a health risk. Mice can cause structural damage to your house by gnawing through beams, walls, and wires. Additionally, mice can destroy beloved family heirlooms or expensive pieces of furniture with their chewing and gnawing. And, unfortunately, once you have one mouse, you are certain to have at least a few more.

How to Get Rid of Mice this Winter

Getting rid of mice can be a difficult job depending on how many mice there are. There are a few tactics to ensure your house will be rodent-free this Winter. JP McHale technicians recommend the following:

  • Seal all holes and small openings into your house. Anything larger than 3/16 of an inch a mouse can get through.
  • Get rid of all open food sources like crumbs, pet food, and food left on the counter. Ensure that food is sealed properly in plastic, glass, or metal containers.
  • Set mouse traps and bait stations throughout your home to catch and deal with the current mice in your living space.

Contact JP McHale for Pest Control Services this Winter!

If you’ve got a mouse problem, there’s no one better to call than JP McHale Pest Management. Let the mice technicians get to the root of your problem and solve it before it becomes an infestation. Contact JP McHale Pest Management for pest control services at (855) 225-7072. We look forward to working with you!