1. Why Exclusion Work Matters

OCTOBER 18 2021 /

Why Exclusion Work Matters

At JP McHale Pest Management we know that the best way to avoid a total pest infestation is by doing preventative work to keep pest activity from ever reaching infestation levels.

One of the best preventative tactics you can do as a homeowner is exclusionary work. Exclusionary work seals up all the areas of your home that pests would likely utilize as access points to get inside – essentially denying pest entry to your home in the first place.

This work helps to prevent all types of pests from getting into your home, let’s talk about a few:

Mice, Rats, and other Rodents

Mice, Rats, and other Rodents are the pests that are the most common the focus of exclusionary work that occurs at both residential homes and commercial properties. With mice being able to enter through holes the size of dimes, and rats through holes the size of quarters having holes of any size can lead to a possible increase in rodent activity inside. Rodents carry 35 diseases that can be directly or indirectly transmitted to humans, and their urine, feces, and fur carry pathogens that can trigger allergies. With entry points being that small it takes a well-trained eye to identify those entry points, which all the technicians at JP McHale Pest Management have.


Bats are an unwelcome guest in your attic. With the ability to spread a wide variety of viruses, bacteria, and fungi they are not a pest you want around. Should you end up suspecting that you have bats that keep you up at night with all the noise they make, you made need the expertise of one of JP McHale Pest Management’s wildlife specialists to assist with the removal, and exclusionary work completed after to help keep them out in the future.


Pests are not just attracted to the basement and attic areas of your home. Nuisance wildlife can get into the spaces under porches, decks, and under and inside sheds. These areas are typically quieter, which attracts wildlife to these areas even more. Wildlife pests like squirrels, woodchucks, and chipmunks can chew through electrical wires, causing a fire hazard in your home. Just like with bats, utilizing the expertise of the wildlife specialists and exclusionary experts at JP McHale Pest Management will help to keep your home safe and pest free.


Exclusion work is not new, and really can be the key to keeping pest out of your home. Along with the pests mentioned above, exclusion work can help keep smaller pests, like carpenter ants, out of your home as well.  If the pest control professional that services your home recommends exclusionary work, it can be worthwhile to have a free inspection done by one of JP McHale Pest Managements knowledgeable inspectors.


Keep the pests out, call JP McHale Pest Management today!