1. Take the “Spring” Out of Springtails

AUGUST 10 2021 /

Take the “Spring” Out of Springtails

With their unique ability to jump from place to place, similarly to fleas, springtails can quickly become a nuisance if they make it inside your home.

Springtails can be found across the United States and can thrive in all types of climates, from the heat all the way to the cold. Their favorite conditions are those that are very moist, often being found in damp soil and decaying logs. In winter they can be easy to identify as they look like pepper that has been sprinkled over a fresh blanket of snow, while in summer they tend to flock to areas near pools and air conditioning drain lines.

These pests luckily do not cause any structural damage to the home or pose a threat for family members or pets in the home. The best way to keep springtails out of your home is by reducing all sources of moisture throughout the home. Some more prevention that you can do is:

  • Correct moisture problems and remove wet, moldy wood.
  • Prevent springtails from entering homes by sealing cracks and crevices under doors and around windows.
  • Overwatered houseplants make good homes for springtails because the soil is excessively damp, and the roots are decaying. Check plants for springtails before bringing them indoors. Let the soil dry out and don’t overwater.

If you aren’t seeing a difference in activity after following these tips, it is best to bring in a professional from JP McHale Pest Management!

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