Say No To Termites the Environmentally-Friendly Way
  1. Say No To Termites the Environmentally-Friendly Way

JUNE 09 2022 /

Say No To Termites the Environmentally-Friendly Way

Termites cause five billion dollars in property damage nationally every year. Studies show one in three homes encountered a termite problem, but 60% of homeowners have never taken steps to ward off these pests.

Most people are unaware they have termites until they see a swarm or come across the damage during construction. This is in part because termites rarely emerge from the soil, mud tubes, or food sources through which they are tunneling.


How do I know if I have termites? 

  • Examine, by probing, exposed wood for hollow spots.
  • Identify termite swarms (sometimes ant swarms are mistaken as termites).


How to prevent a termite infestation: 

  • Stack firewood and lumber away from the ground and foundation. 
  • Fix improper drainage. 
  • Minimize moisture near the foundation.
  • Clear mulch away from the foundation. 


You don’t have to poison the environment to stop termites. At JP McHale Pest Management, we use the Sentricon® system, a safe and non-toxic alternative to other liquid chemical treatments and other termite baiting products. This is the best green option for eliminating termites. The Sentricon® system uses just grams of active ingredient where and when needed, via Sentricon® stations placed discreetly around the perimeter of your residence. 

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