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  1. S is for Spring…and Stink Bugs

OCTOBER 18 2021 /

S is for Spring…and Stink Bugs

It’s spring again and along with the warmer weather comes stink bugs. There is nothing like going to open a window to let some fresh air inside and seeing your window screen covered with these annoying pests.

While stink bugs are not harmful, they are a nuisance because of the horrible smell they emit in defense when alarmed, disturbed, or squished. After spending all winter hiding away in the lesser disturbed parts of your property, the brown marmorated stink bugs, emerge.

Some quick things you can do if stink bugs are taking over your home:

  • Seal attic vents to prevent stink bugs from entering your home.
  • Fix any broken window and door screens.
  • Do not crush any stink bugs that you find, vacuum them up instead to avoid them emitting their odor.


If you are still seeing issues with stink bugs inside your home, JP McHale Pest Managements trained professionals are here to help. Our Overwintering Program works to interrupt the breeding cycle of overwintering pests and reduce their activity throughout the season. The program utilized environmentally friendly treatments to both your home and to the plants surrounding it, to impair the stink bugs ability to get inside your home.

If you see stink bugs in or around your home, call JP McHale Pest Management today to discuss what pest management options are best for you!