Overwintering: Planning Ahead for the Winter
  1. Overwintering: Planning Ahead for the Winter

AUGUST 18 2022 / HOME

Overwintering: Planning Ahead for the Winter

You may be wondering why I should be worried about winter insects right now, it’s August, the sun is shining, and it’s 90 degrees! As we spend our last days at the pool and have those final BBQs with family and friends, overwintering pests start preparing for colder days. The most significant time of vulnerability for invaders entering your home is mid-August and into October. The onset of cool weather signals certain adult pests to find a place for the winter. They are not interested in food, they will not reproduce inside, they just want a warm place to hunker down. In the spring, they attempt to move back outdoors. 

These pests generally congregate in warm sunny locations outside your home. As the weather shifts, they enter cracks and crevices in siding, around windows, doors, and other openings. 

Overwintering Pests Include:

  •       Leaf-footed Plant bugs
  •       Brown Marmorated Stink bugs
  •       Ladybird beetles
  •       Cluster Flies


Tips to Keep the Invaders out:

  •       Clean your gutters - Pests feed and make homes from built-up debris.
  •       Make repairs around the roof line – Pests sometimes overwinter in the attic.
  •       Make sure your attic, crawl space, and soffit vents are screened
  •       Seal up any openings - Overwintering pests will find a way to enter your home through cracks and crevices around the foundation, siding, doors, windows, electrical, and plumbing.


The Importance of Planning Ahead:

Overwintering Insect Management is the best way to prevent pests from entering your home. The goal is to be protected before the first frost. This service effectively interrupts the breeding cycle of these overwintering pests as well as reduces the level of activity throughout the season. Applications are made to the harboring shrubs and plants with one of our “true organic” products. In conjunction with this plant application, we also treat windowsills, under siding, eaves, and chimneys with environmentally sound products to discourage occasional invaders from entering during the greatest times of vulnerability.  

Don’t wait, the time to get started with our Overwintering service is now!

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