Meet the Team: Residential Supervisor Milton Quezada
  1. Meet the Team: Residential Supervisor Milton Quezada

MARCH 07 2022 /

Meet the Team: Residential Supervisor Milton Quezada

Meet Milton Quezada, a Residential Supervisor here at JP McHale Pest Management.  He is one of the many friendly experienced technicians we have available to help protect your home and family.


Milton Quezada

Official Title:

Residential Supervisor

How many years have you been working at JP McHale?

10 years

What are your Responsibilities?

Working with local customers to help them resolve their pest issues and provide a resolution.  I treat my customers' homes as though it were my home.

What do you value about working here?

Having the opportunity for a career path where I can move up and continue to grow.  JP McHale provides you with the necessary tools to be successful.  Prior to joining JP McHale, I was working multiple jobs to support my family.  Now I just work one job.  I also enjoy the family type feel here.

 What do you enjoy most about your job?

Helping my customers resolve their most sensitive pest issues and keep their families safe.  I also enjoy mentoring my team and providing them the guidance and tools to advance their own careers with the company.

 What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know about you?

I enjoy acrylic painting and learning as much about the art as possible. During the pandemic I spent a lot of time painting with my family.  

Stay Tuned To Meet More Of Our Team Members Over The Next Few Weeks!