Meet The Team: K9 Handler Carolyn Courtney
  1. Meet The Team: K9 Handler Carolyn Courtney

MARCH 04 2022 /

Meet The Team: K9 Handler Carolyn Courtney


Meet Carolyn Courtney, K9 Handler here a JP McHale Pest Management.  She is part of our Special Services team specialized in detecting bed bugs! 


Carolyn Courtney


Official Title:

K9 Handler


How many years have you been working at JP McHale?

11 years


Do you have any licensing?

Certified Applicator

World Detector Dog Organization


What are your responsibilities?

As a K9 Handler, Bed Bug Inspector, I identify the issue and provide a resolution to help my clients from start to finish


What do you value about working here?

Working for a reputable local business and having the opportunity to advance my career. I started in Telemarketing at night part-time and quickly progressed into Commercial full time. I expressed interest in the K9 Handler opportunity and now 11 years later I am in my dream job!


What do you enjoy most about your job?

Working with my best friend K9 April daily and as a team bringing resolutions to traumatic pest issues. With so much misinformation that is circulating the internet on bed bugs, it makes me feel good to not only provide a resolution to my clients but to also educate them as well.


Do you have any local ties to the community?

I live locally and have been an active community member for years as a teacher and being involved with Boy Scouts. I also enjoy attending my son’s little league games.  


What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know about you?

I enjoy vegetarian cooking and trying new recipes.


Stay tuned as we continue to introduce more of our team members over the next few weeks!