Keep the Stink Bugs out This Fall!
  1. Keep the Stink Bugs out This Fall!

JULY 20 2021 /

Keep the Stink Bugs out This Fall!

As summer fades into fall, stink bugs begin their annual journey back to their favorite winter hibernation spot, your home. They make their way in through small openings, gaps, or cracks around the home; and will hide inside walls, attics, or those rarely accessed crawl spaces. This process is called “overwintering”, aptly named because these pest like to spend their winters hiding out inside away from the cold.

Stink bugs are already looking for places to overwinter once the temperature drops in the fall. This is when they truly begin to make their way from nearby plants to the nearby buildings and structures. While stink bugs are not harmful, they are a nuisance when they cover your home and the horrible smell they emit in defense when alarmed, disturbed, or squished.

Here are some tips about what you can do to stop stink bugs:

  • Seal attic vents and any other cracks and crevices around your home with silicone-latex caulk to prevent stink bugs from entering.
  • Fix any broken window and door screens.
  • Do not crush any stink bugs that you find, vacuum them up instead to avoid them emitting their odor.
  • Try to isolate the room with the stink bugs as much as possible and continue cleaning the area every day or every other day to eliminate the remaining bugs.

If you are still seeing issues with stink bugs inside your home, JP McHale Pest Management has trained professionals ready to help.

Our Overwintering Insect Management Program works to interrupt the breeding cycle of overwintering pests and reduce their activity throughout the season. The program utilizes environmentally friendly treatments to both your home and to the plants surrounding it, impairing stink bugs and other overwintering pests’ ability to get inside your home.

If you see stink bugs in or around your home, call JP McHale Pest Management today to discuss what options are best for you!