Fall Pest Prevention Tips
  1. Fall Pest Prevention Tips

OCTOBER 15 2021 /

Fall Pest Prevention Tips

The cooler weather has crept up on us quickly and pests are beginning to look for the perfect spots to keep warm this winter, including your home! Many homeowners have the experience of finding a mouse or other pests in their basements, attic, or garage during the cooler months.  There are many ways to “pest-proof” your home, so before the weather gets too cold and winter sets in, it is the perfect time to take preventive measures to keep these pests from invading your home.

Here are some quick tips from us here at JP McHale Pest Management to help keep the pests out this fall!

  • Seal any openings around the home

The areas where wiring or pipes come into the foundation or the siding of your home are common entry points, as well as areas around gas meters, dryer vents and outdoor faucets. Openings as small as 1/16 of an inch can let in small crawling insects like spiders, and ¼ inch openings are large enough to let in mice. You should also fill in any cracks and gaps around windows and doors. You can use caulk, expandable foam, copper mesh or event cement to seal up any of these areas.

  • Check window and door screens for any rips and holes

If you find any rips or holes, you should either spot fix holes or replace the screens entirely. Large gaps in screens will allow in flies and other large insects, but some pests are small enough to fit through window and door screens that are in good condition, so keeping doors and windows closed is the best way to keep all insects out of your home.

  • Install a chimney cap

If you have a chimney, install a chimney cap to keep out birds, bats and other wildlife that may try to spend their winter inside your home. If you have attic vents, installing 1/4-inch wire mesh will help to keep bats, squirrels, and rodents from getting into your attic and even inside the walls of your home.

  • Check the conditions around your home

Is the exterior of your home inviting to pests? If you have a woodpile near the house or trees or shrubs nearby, you could be creating the perfect environment for insects to harbor. It’s just a short leap for them to move from the nearest shrub to your front door, so keeping woodpiles, trees, and shrubs away from the immediate areas around your home can reduce the pests attracted to the inside of your home.

Following these tips will help you to keep your home pest free through the cooler months. JP McHale Pest Management is here to help for any of the pests that make it through the cracks!

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