1. Can Good Lawn Maintenance Really Prevent Bugs?

JULY 21 2022 /

Can Good Lawn Maintenance Really Prevent Bugs?

The grass doesn’t always have to be greener on the other side. Maintaining a healthy lawn helps with curb appeal – and prevents annoying bugs and other pests from damaging your property and causing viruses and other diseases.

Here are four benefits of maintaining a healthy lawn: 

    • The taller your grass is the more food that’s available for pests and wildlife to feed on. That’s why mowing and watering can help reduce pest populations and protect your lawn from pests that are harmful to plants.
    • Ticks, which can be extremely harmful to humans and pets, often hide in unkept tall grass and shrubs.
    • Stinging insects are attracted to the overgrown areas of your lawn. Hornets and wasps can create colonies in areas that are unattended, like holes in the ground or tree stumps. Neatly kept lawns are less attractive to these stinging insects and will help stop them from becoming a nuisance.
    • Any pests that are on your lawn can easily hitch a ride inside your home, either on your pet's coat or by latching onto your clothing. Regularly keeping up with your lawn can stop pests from invading your home and causing damage inside.


JP McHale Pest Management offers a Tick Management Program that can protect you and your family from tick-borne illnesses using environmentally-sensitive, organic methods to effectively reduce the tick population on your property.

We also offer lawn and plant care services. All of our Lawn Fertilizer and Plant Healthcare Programs are developed by a plant pathologist and follow an integrated approach to plant and lawn health care. Our treatments are target-specific, precise in application, environmentally responsible, and approved by the EPA. For more information visit our website or call (866) 601-1839.