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At JP McHale Pest Management, we want to provide you with the valued opinions and helpful advice from trained pest control and lawn care professionals.
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tick bite
Lyme Disease
tick prevention

Beat the Bite: 5 Pest Expert Tips for Preventing Tick Bites and Lyme Disease

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Flying Insects
spotted lanternflies
cicada killers

5 Pest Expert Tips to Prevent Spring Bugs From Invading Your Home and Backyard

The beautiful spring weather is finally here! And… so are the Bugs!  Along with the warm sunshine, blooming flowers, and chirping birds – you’ll also contend with pesky mosquitoes, annoying ants, and everything buzzing in between that can quickly turn your backyard sanctuary into a bug battleground.
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asian lady beetles

A Warm and Sunny Welcome to Early Spring Can Also Be an Invitation for Some Unwelcomed Guests (Pests!) In Your Home

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Is Moisture Flooding Pests Into Your Home?


The Truth About Mold & How to Prevent It

Ant Colony

Why Am I Still Seeing Bugs? Is My Pest Management Company Really Doing Their Job?

You’ve seen a host of ants in the kitchen or a mouse or two in the basement, so you call your pest management company and look forward to having them resolve your pest issue quickly.  However, days pass and you are actually seeing more ants (or mice) than ever before. So, what is going on?  Why is this happening when you’ve invested your time and money into hiring a pest management company?  
Shutterstock 2204186103
Stink Bug

Are Stink Bugs Driving You Crazy? Pest Experts Reveal How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs

Stink Bugs are out earlier this year because of the rainy summer we had and now, our cooler weather is forcing stink bugs to make their way inside to find warmth. In addition, stink bugs secrete pheromones to alert other stink bugs to where they are, which is why they can frequently be found congregating.
AUGUST 28 PIC The Ugly Truth About Beautiful Spotted Lanternfly
Flying Insects

The Ugly Truth About Beautiful Spotted Lanternflies

Bright and striking colors in nature are often associated with beauty and vibrancy. However, Spotted Lanternflies are certainly the exception.
AUGUST 10 PIC Danger Afoot Be On Alert
Flying Insects

Danger Afoot: Be on Alert for Hidden Wasp Nests

Not only is a wasp attack extremely painful - it can also be dangerous to your health.
JULY 27 PIC Rat Proof Your Business

Rat-Proof Your Business

There were more than 2,378 rat-reported complaints in NYC during the month of June — and this number continues to rise.
JULY 21 PIC Spotted Lanternfly
Flying Insects

They’re Back! Spotted Lanternflies Strike Again, Pest Experts Offer Tips on Controlling this Invasive Species

The invasive spotted lanternfly has officially returned, causing more havoc than ever.
JULY 18 PIC Summers Univited Guests

Summer's Uninvited Guests: Your Expert Guide to Tackling Ticks and Mosquitoes

Five cases of locally transmitted malaria were discovered in Texas and Florida, citing mosquito-borne diseases are expected to travel outside of their typical regions.
JULY 6 PIC 5 Tips On How To Prevent Flies
Flying Insects

5 Tips on How To Prevent Flies from Invading Your Kitchen!

Hot and humid temperatures outside can often bring flies in, especially into the kitchen, which poses risks to food safety and overall cleanliness.
JUNE 21 PIC Buzz Off Carpenter Bees
Flying Insects

Welcome Summer… Buzz Off, Carpenter Bees! Effective Tips to Prevent Pest Infestations this Summer

Not only can buzzing insects cause harm with their painful stings, but they can also wreak havoc on your property, drilling into wood and causing structural damage.
MAY 25 PIC 7 Expert Tips

7 Expert Tips to Enjoy a Bug-Free Memorial Day BBQ

Whether you’re opening up the pool or getting ready to fire up the grill this Memorial Day weekend – don’t forget to protect your home from pests!
MAY 11 PIC Its Tick Awareness Week

It’s Tick Awareness Week - Here’s the 411 on Preventing Ticks!

With an estimated 300,000 new cases of Lyme Disease occurring in the US every year, it's important to remember that the peak season for contracting the tick-borne illness is late spring into early summer.
4.24 Wildlife Blog

Not Welcome! 5 Ways to Keep Animals Out of Your Home

If your home is located next to a wooded area or a grassy field, you’ve most likely seen wildlife on your property.
Apr 7 Tick Blog

Protect Yourself from Ticks this Spring

The New York State Department of Health sent out an official warning this week notifying people about the arrival of ticks, along with the start of the warmer spring weather. 
Feb 27 Mice

Don’t Let it Snow: Mice Stay Out!

With this week's forecast predicting more snowy days on the way, you can take steps to make sure that your home does not become a snow hideout for mice.
Feb 15 Overwintering Termite

Watch Out for Late Winter Bugs!

Be proactive and keep these unwanted late-season guests out of your home.  The first step is knowing who they are and how to block all their entry points.
Jan 19 Ext Vs Pc

Exterminator vs. Pest Control Company: Is There Really A Difference?

Today’s pest control technicians are educated professionals who focus on environmentally conscious ways to vanquish pests.
Spotted Lanternfly
Flying Insects

Enter July and the Spotted Lanternflies

Spotted lanternflies may look pretty, but they pose a threat to agriculture throughout the areas they invade.