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5 Pest Control Myths Debunked | JP McHale
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5 Pest Control Myths Debunked

We have learned that some people have the wrong idea about pest control! People try DIY pest control for their businesses, but ultimately only a professional pest control service can help prevent critters from entering your commercial space. JP McHale wants to make sure no one is tricked into making bad pest control decisions! Here are 5 pest control myths and why they are untrue:

#1 – You should bait traps with cheese.

According to our favorite cartoons, rodents LOVE cheese. Turns out, mice are pretty indifferent to cheese. So what do we use instead? Mice actually LOVE peanut butter! It is recommended to use in small amounts for the best results.

#2 – Rodents feed on bait and rodenticide, and then get thirsty and go outside.

Bait and rodenticide don’t make rodents thirsty. Rodents do need water daily to survive but get most of their water from the food they eat. Mice are not adventurous creatures, and normally only venture out 30 feet from their nests.

#3 – Cockroaches can survive without their heads attached.

Technically cockroaches can survive without their heads, but not forever. Cockroaches do not rely on blood circulation and breathe through holes that are spread out over their bodies. In addition, they have “mini brains” throughout their body that help them function. Roaches do take in food and water with their heads, so without one they would starve to death, but it could take several weeks.

#4 – If you’re clean, you won’t get bed bugs.

Bed bugs are not linked to dirty rooms. As long as there is a host, bed bugs can thrive. They can be found in the most high-quality hotels, regardless of the amount of cleaning done to each room. Bed bugs can exist anywhere you do, so that means they are not confined to bedrooms and beds.

#5 – I don’t see a pest issue, so I don’t need pest control.

There are certain pests that can do a lot of damage without being seen! Proper inspection of your commercial business is necessary for a preventative pest control plan that will ensure your business is taken care of. To avoid an unforeseen and out of control infestation, make sure to contact us today!

Here at JP McHale we want your business to succeed and remain pest-free! Don’t fall for these myths about pest control. Be sure to make informed decisions about what is best for your company!