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JP McHale Alleviates Your Mosquito Control Concerns in Howells, New York

JP McHale has a wealth of tools you can equip to alleviate your mosquito concerns in Howells, Orange County, New York. Our team offers comprehensive protection from mosquitoes in your outdoor space by limiting the breeding population of mosquitoes surrounding your property. Our mosquito control team uses organic methods to reduce mosquito populations safely and effectively, allowing you to take back control of your outdoor space.

When is the best time to deal with mosquitoes, you ask? Our team is aligned with guidance from the CDC, and we offer several treatments per year. During the high season, monthly treatments are advised.

JP McHale’s team of trained professionals knows what gets rid of mosquitoes. Mosquito treatments fall under our Home Pest Prevention Plus and Home Pest Prevention Complete care plans. If you want certified protection from multiple pests in the Howells, New York area – including mosquitoes – we’re here to help.

What Risks Are Associated with Mosquitoes?

In Howells, New York, a mosquito bite will often present nothing more than an itchy, swollen welt that will go down on its own within a few days. However, mosquitoes can sometimes bring terrible diseases like Lyme Disease and the West Nile Virus. For this reason, mosquito eradication is a hugely important task and one that JP McHale takes seriously. Whether mosquitoes are an annoyance or a serious threat, we’re on hand to tackle your concerns.

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How Can I Prevent Mosquito Activity?

Residential mosquito control can often be handled using nothing more than mosquito nets. However, outdoor mosquito control is trickier. Aside from calling JP McHale’s mosquito prevention services, Howells, New York, residents may wish to try the following things:

  • Debris and Waste Materials: Clear any foliage and debris from your yard, such as fallen tree trunks, branches, piles of grass, and wet and soggy timber.
  • Surrounding Greenery: If you have shrubs, trim them back away from the areas you want to be in. Shrubs provide cover for mosquitoes during the day.
  • Pits and Holes: Fill in depressions in your landscape where water might pool.
  • Water Trouble: Remove standing water. Water containers, tires, cans, or anything that might accumulate stagnant water will create a suitable breeding pool for mosquitoes.
  • Daytime Resting Spots: Manage weeds and bushes to ensure that mosquitoes have nowhere to hide from the sun during the daytime.

While doing the above won’t guarantee that mosquitoes won’t take up residence and congregate in numbers in your yard, it may very well make your property less appealing to them.

Common Mosquitoes in Howells, New York

Our mosquito control team will be able to identify which of Howells’s two more common mosquitoes are causing you concern. Long mosquito populations aren’t as much of a menace. Also known as the Crane Fly or Daddy Long Legs, these pests might frustrate you, but they are harmless and don’t bite humans.

Mosquitoes such as the Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus) and Common House Mosquito (Culex pipiens) are. The former is more likely to spread severe diseases than the latter. Our mosquito pest control service will handle both New York-based mosquitoes, though.