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Southampton loves JP McHale for Pest Elimination

Our staff loves our customers and hate the pests that afflict them. Prevention is the key to our success. It’s not enough to just eradicate the problem. Pests can come back, bigger and stronger. The key is always to educate our customers to understand how to prevent vermin from ever returning. Our staff are trained to keep everything from rats to wasps off your property and out of your lives.

We believe that premeditated follow-up is essential to success. Mother Nature and her minions are always looking for ways to get back into your home, factory, or office. She never gives up, and neither do we. When push comes to shove, we have the tools and training, plus the grit and determination, to make vermin permanently unwelcome.

Methodology is our middle name in Southampton

We never use old-fashioned methods for pest control. Nor do we go in for quick fix, hocus-pocus techniques that only last for a month. When we enter your establishment or home, we bring with us the latest technology and knowledge on the particular type of unwelcome visitor you want us to destroy.

Our updated techniques are the envy of the pest control business world. That’s because we’re not scared of change, nor averse to using the best methodology no matter where it comes from. Plus, our methods are always guaranteed to be safe and environmentally friendly to humans and pets. You’ll never have to worry about termite overwintering or cockchafer reinfestation once we’re on the job!

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Residential Services by JP McHale Explained

Professional pest control should not be used in excess. JP McHale offers residential pest control services for houses of all sizes and budgets. Here are a few of the services we offer:

- Our Home Pest Prevention plan includes visits to identify and resolve pest activity.

- If you choose our Plus Plan, you'll get organic tick management, mosquito treatment, termite mitigation and pest control treatments for the winter.

- In addition to the Plus Plan, our Complete Prevention Plan includes at least seven visits, with termite mitigation offered as an add-on.

- Finally, we provide a Home Pest Prevention Surveillance Program. Our technology monitors your house throughout the clock. We keep an eye out for rats and animals with our SMART Eyes and SMART Connect devices. Furthermore, for ultimate pest control protection, this system may be used with the Home Pest Prevention option.

Certified Pest Control Service by JP McHale

We believe in safe pest treatment, thus we make certain that the solutions and ingredients we employ are non-toxic and safe for your family and pets. JP McHale believes in organic pest management, and our services reflect this belief.

To eliminate tick and mosquito populations, we utilize ecologically friendly treatments, while our winter harborage treatments are non-invasive. Our long-term services are competitively priced, so you won't have to pay a lot to be left alone at home.