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JP McHale Controls Termite Activity in Wainscott, NY?

JP McHale is a leading termite control and pest prevention company catering to Wainscott, Suffolk County, New York and the greater Northeastern area. Termite treatment is one of the services we provide. At JP McHale, we utilize the Sentricon system, the world’s leading brand for termite management. How do you get rid of termites, you ask? You don’t need to worry about doing that yourself or damage to your home. We use the same Presidential Green Award certified solution as those in use on the Statue of Liberty and the White House.

Our termite remediation system is armed with AlwaysActive technology. Our environmentally friendly solution and termite traps will monitor and provide around-the-clock protection. JP McHale’s organic termite control prevents water contamination and runoffs and is genuinely green.

Termite control methods are incorporated into our Home Pest Prevention packages, too, including Home Pest Prevention Plus and Home Pest Prevention Complete. If you’re looking for the final word on how to get rid of termites without tenting, look no further than JP McHale.

What Are the Early Warning Signs of Termites

Termites tend to burrow under your Wainscott, NY, home, so termite tubes found in the mud and dirt around your home’s foundation are good things to look out for. Hollow sounding wood is a clear-cut and classic alarm bell in termite detection. While termite bites are possible, they seldom happen. Look for strange patterns in your woodwork, too, as these almost certainly indicate the presence of termites.

Our professional pest experts will know more about where the termites have reached and how much damage they have done when they complete a termite inspection. For this reason, it is essential to get in touch with JP McHale as soon as you suspect something. Having JP McHale’s technicians come in for an exploratory search, even if you don’t suspect anything, couldn’t hurt.

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Can I Prevent Termite Activity in Wainscott, New York?

There are measures you can take to keep termites away in Wainscott, New York, but they aren’t as effective as calling us. Termites love to inhabit decaying wood, so look for dead trees and stumps. Remove them from your yard. At the same time, keep firewood away from your home and check interior woodwork for hollowness and holes. You should refrain from keeping mulch near the siding, and don’t leave standing water unattended under your home. Finally, termites hate treated wood, so regularly treating wooden structures is an excellent way to keep them at bay.

The best way to practice termite control is to seek our termite mitigation service. Our Sentricon stations monitor termite activity. We know how to keep termites away, but we also know how to treat termites. Our termite prevention system sends our unique solution back to the colony itself, removing the entire threat from your property.

Local Termites in Wainscott, New York

What are termites? These ant-like insects feed on wood and can be found across the United States. If you suspect house termites, calling our local termite control service is necessary.

There are many types of termites found across the country. In Wainscott, subterranean termites are our biggest nuisance. These ground termites love your softwood and can enter your home through cracks in the foundation.

Across New York, we’re host to winged termites, flying termites and house wood termites. Wall termites (also known as dry wood termites) swarm during the summer. Termite eggs rapidly hatch into baby termites, which then get straight to work eating your wood.

Both types of termites need dealing with urgently, and at JP McHale, we’ll make no bones about getting straight on with the job.