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Winter Pest Control

Most people think that pest control is something they only have to worry about when the weather is hot and humid. After all, once the weather turns chilly and they days get shorter, pest and rodent infestations taper off, right?

While it is true that the number of pests and rodents you see might drop off during the winter, they are by no stretch of the imagination “gone.” In fact, in many cases, the cooler weather drives even more pests and rodents inside because they’re looking for a way to protect themselves from the cold. The simple fact that you don’t see them is not always a guarantee that they aren’t hidden away, just waiting for the weather to turn warm again.

Tips for Keeping Bugs and Rodents Out This Winter

If you practice pest and rodent control measures in your home or business during the summer, then you need to continue your dedication and keep doing them throughout the wintertime too. This will help you maintain a bug and rodent-free environment all year long. If you don’t have a pest control program in place, then here are some things you need to start doing immediately if you want to keep out unwanted winter pests.

#1: Seal Any Open Gaps in the Building’s Exterior

Did you know a mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime? Just think of how small a hole needs to be to allow ants or termites in! This is why it is so important to inspect the exterior of your home or facility before the cold weather sets in and seal up any gaps or cracks with caulk or spray foam insulation. You should also replace any worn weather-stripping, repair or replace any damaged window screens, install sweeps on exterior doors, and install screens over your chimney vents and other roof-top openings.

#2: Store Food in Closed Containers

Don’t rely on the packages your food came in to keep out pests and rodents. They can easily break through these cheaply made containers. Instead, store your open foods in air tight containers.

#3: Clean Regularly

The dirtier your home or facility is, the more attractive it is going to be to mice and bugs. Therefore, cleanliness is crucial for a pest-free environment. Clean up spills immediately and vacuum floors and furniture daily. Wipe down food prep areas after every use and keep clutter to a minimum.

#4: Don’t Store Wood Near Your Structure

If you have a wood-burning stove, don’t store your wood pile too close to your structure or any bugs lurking in the wood will move inside once it turns colder. Keep the pile a good distance from the structure and the pests won’t want to risk traveling the distance.

#5: Call the Professionals

Sometimes, even the most stringent winter pest control methods can’t keep out determined pests. In such cases, it is best advised to call in the professionals – RJS Pest Management. Your RJS technician will identify your pest problem and eradicate it safely so you can enjoy a pest-free environment all winter long.

Contact JP McHale for Expert Winter Pest Control That Works

If you struggled with a bug or rodent infestation throughout summer, don’t think that the problem is gone now that we’re heading into winter. Activity might slow down during the colder months, but odds are great that your pests will still be around.