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Remove the Threat of Lyme Disease from Your Backyard

tick on summer vegetationClearing your backyard of ticks, and thereby the potential for Lyme disease, is no easy task. Ticks, and more specifically, deer ticks, are tiny arachnids that can carry this debilitating disease, which can cause arthritis, as well as neurological and cardiac issues. The bugs transfer the illness when they bite and feed on humans they come into contact with outside.

Thankfully, JP McHale Pest Management has been helping clients rid their property of ticks for many years. For example, when a local woman contracted Lyme disease, they turned to our tick removal experts in the Northeast. We were able to help them with their problem, leaving us this review afterwards:

“ … Douglas J. McHale, owner of JP McHale Pest Management has always been there for my family. This is not a paid for endorsement. Ever since [my wife’s] life was changed due to Lyme disease, the McHale family has been there for me with treating our property with the proper chemicals to kill ticks and monitor our property. I am beyond grateful for their work and professional technicians whom I’ve got to know very well over the years. A top notch operation, and family. Their services are beyond incredible… You all should look into this tick spray and other services they do.” – Dan Scavino

JP McHale: Unbeatable Tick Extermination Services

Whether you live in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, JP McHale can help you by treating your property for ticks, killing those that are already there and preventing new ones from moving in. Our technicians will utilize a special repellent to deter ticks that’s environmentally friendly. We also offer organic treatments upon request.

Call JP McHale today to request our unbeatable tick control services at 800-479-2284. You may additionally visit our contact page to learn more about our additional pest control offerings.