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Spring is Stink Bug Season

Stink Bug on a leafSpring has sprung –– and so have the stink bugs. There’s nothing worse than sitting down to dinner with
your family, or taking a seat outside on your patio, and seeing several stink bugs scuttling around your home.

While the invasive insects won’t hurt you, they’re considered to be a nuisance because of their defense mechanism: an unpleasant odor they emit when they are alarmed, disturbed or squashed. This is the time of year that stink bugs, also known as brown marmorated stink bugs, emerge, having spent all winter hiding in your attic or other isolated, dark parts of your property.

JP McHale Pest Management, Inc.’s Director of Operations, Joe Fryer, recently appeared on News 12 Westchester to tell viewers what they can do to rid their homes of pesky stink bugs.

If those brown, smelly bugs are taking over your New York, New Jersey or Connecticut home, Joe recommends the following tactics:

  • Seal attic vents to prevent stink bugs from entering your home.
  • Fix broken screens to prevent stink bugs from entering your home.
  • Do not crush any intruding stink bugs; vacuum them up to avoid their unpleasant smell.

Stink Bug Solutions from JP McHale Pest Management, Inc.

Are stink bugs encroaching on your residential property? If so, JP McHale Pest Management, Inc. can help. In addition to our basic overwintering insect treatment, covering leaf footed plant bugs, cluster flies and ladybugs, we also offer a premium overwintering insect treatment.

Our premium option tackles stink bugs, working to interrupt their breeding cycles by disrupting the typical weeks they invade your home for the winter. JP McHale Pest Management, Inc.’s extermination team applies environmentally friendly treatments to your window sills, siding, eaves, chimneys and neighboring vegetation, hampering the stink bug pest’s efforts to get inside your property.

If you’ve seen stink bugs around your home, call JP McHale Pest Management, Inc. today at 800-479-2284 to set up your stink bug extermination treatments. You can also visit our contact page to speak to a customer representative and request stink bug service for your property.