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Signs of Bed Bugs in Hotel Rooms & On Mattresses

How to Search for Signs of Bed Bugs in Hotels

If you travel extensively for work or you’re planning a vacation, odds are a stay in a hotel is in your future. But, ever since the bed bug mass infestation of New York’s hotels a few years ago, exposure to these frustrating critters remains high on the list of concerns of travelers to this day. Of course, the bed bug problem isn’t as severe as it was, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still look for signs of bed bugs when staying at a hotel.

If you’re going to be staying in a hotel and you want to ensure you don’t bring home any unwanted guests, then here are some tips on how and where to look for bed bugs in hotels.

Where to Look for Bed Bugs

When you check into your hotel, leave your bags with the bellhop or in your car if possible. If that’s not possible, then set your bags in the bathroom until you have a chance to check for bed bugs. You should also bring a small flashlight with you as the bugs tend to hide during the day and a flashlight will help make it easier to conduct your search.

When searching for bed bugs, you should always start with the bed. Check the linens, especially around any seams, piping, or dust ruffles for bugs or signs that they are there. You want to look for bugs, their shell casings, and/or their feces, which looks like tiny coffee grounds. If the bed has a box spring, check it thoroughly for bed bugs as well. Lift each corner if you can and inspect the bed frame itself.

Next, examine any furniture or other items near the bed. Bed bugs don’t always live on the bed; they also tend to live on objects within close proximity to the bed. Other areas to check include behind the headboard, behind picture frames and mirrors, the luggage rack or valet, and inside the drawers of the dresser and nightstand.

What to Do If You See Evidence of Bed Bugs

If you discover signs of bed bugs on the mattress or elsewhere in the room, then you should immediately notify the hotel management and request a different room, one not next door to the room you had. When you get to the next room, you will need to go through the entire investigation process again.

Does Your Hotel Have Bed Bugs? Call JP McHale Today!

If you operate a hotel in New York City and you are dealing with an infestation of bed bugs, help is available. Call JP McHale today. Our experienced exterminators will come to your hotel, perform a thorough investigation, and perform an efficient extermination so you can get back to providing your guests with exceptional service and bug-free accommodations.