1. Organic Mosquito Control

Mosquito Management

Take Back Your Outdoor Living Space from Mosquitos

Mosquitos are not only a nuisance pest, but occasionally can transmit viruses to people and animals.

Unable to enjoy the outdoor living space of your home? Tired of buying citronella candles that don’t work? JP McHale Pest Management can help you relax and enjoy your outdoor living area while protecting your family from mosquito-borne diseases.

Tips for Reducing Mosquito Problems:

  • When clearing foliage and debris (i.e. eaves, fallen limbs, etc.) avoid the piling of material debris for long periods.

  • Keep shrub foliage trimmed around the home.

  • Remove standing water caused by landscape depressions or drainage by filling with dirt or sand.

  • Recycle or dispose of tin cans or other artificial water containers.

  • When removing tree stumps, where possible, fill with dirt prior to the development of standing water.

  • Manage weeds in areas where adult mosquitoes congregate.

  • Remove old tires when they are found throughout a property.

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