Premier Lawn Program
  1. Premier Lawn Program

Premier Lawn Program 

Have your lawn be the envy of the neighborhood

JP McHale Pest Management’s Premier Lawn Program consists of five seasonally timed applications to produce a more vibrant, healthier lawn

• The Early Spring Application features well-balanced fertilizers to help your lawn recover from winter stresses and reduce the amount of crabgrass that can germinate in your lawn. Weeds are treated as needed.
• The Late Spring Application includes a well-balanced fertilizer to promote continued growth and a broad leaf weed control to help reduce any active growing weeds throughout the lawn.
• The Summer Lawn Application includes a well-balanced fertilizer for continued growth with targeted weed control. In addition, a preventative grub worm treatment is applied.
• The Early Fall Application includes a well-balanced fertilizer for continued growth with a surface insect control. Weeds are treated as necessary.
• The Late Fall Application features a slow release fertilizer to aid root development throughout winter months and promote early green-up in the spring.

In addition to our comprehensive Premier Lawn Program we offer these lawn treatments: 

  • Aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Lime Application
  • Gypsum Application

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