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JP McHale Pest Management offers a complete solution to combat invasive creatures seeking winter harborage. Our winter insect elimination program features an extensive treatment to the outside of your home for the reduction of a select group of over-wintering insects including those that could become a nuisance: Leaf Footed Plant Bugs, Cluster Flies, and Lady Bugs. Interior maintenance coverage throughout the season is complimentary. This will discourage occasional invaders from entering during the time of greatest vulnerability, August 15 through September 30, and overwintering.

JP McHale Pest Management offers Overwintering Insect Management, an excellent pest protection solution for those interested in preventing or limiting future insect infestations, in addition to our pest protection programs. With over 50 years of experience, our highly trained team of pest management professionals will prevent or limit future pest infestations from your residential property.

Protect your home and family with one of our comprehensive overwintering programs. 

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