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Spiders are a nuisance pest. They can become intimidating because of their size. Webs are more of a nuisance than actual spiders because of how fast a spider is able to build a web. While spiders do have many amiable qualities, such as controlling insect populations to the benefit of farmers and our food supply more generally. They can also feast on unwanted bugs indoors, such as in our homes or businesses. Despite this, many of us would prefer spiders not set up permanent residence inside.

Decreasing the humidity level in your home can help in managing and eliminating spiders. In addition, sealing any cracks or holes in your exterior siding, or near doors or windows, may also help. These openings are likely the means by which spiders and other insects are getting inside.

Another tip is to use a vacuum cleaner to remove any spiders that you find inside. Afterwards, so the spider just can’t crawl back to where you found it, be sure to empty the vacuum bag outside. However, if you find multiple spiders or webs indoors, it may be time to investigate professional spider control.

JP McHale Pest Management offers spider elimination solutions in addition to our pest protection programs. To find out more about how JP McHale Pest Management can help rid your home of spiders, contact us for a free estimate. With over 50 years of experience, our highly trained team of pest management professionals will eliminate spiders from your residential property.

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