Overwintering Insect Management
  1. Overwintering Insect Management

Overwintering Insect Management

Premium Overwintering 

Our Premium Overwintering program is an extensive protection plan for the outside of your home featuring tree applications that must be performed in conjunction with exterior treatments. This program includes the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, along with other annoying winter pests covered in the Basic Overwintering Plan listed above.

This cycle of service effectively interrupts the breeding cycle of these overwintering pests as well as reduces the level of activity throughout the season. Applications are made to the harboring shrubs and plants with one of our “true organic” products. In conjunction with this plant application, we also treat around window sills, under siding, eaves and around chimneys with environmentally sound products to discourage occasional invaders from entering during the time of greatest vulnerability, August 15 through September 30.

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