K9 Assisted Bed Bug Inspection
  1. K9 Assisted Bed Bug Inspection


By engaging JP McHale Pest Management's World Detector Dog Organization certified canine teams, you are well on your way towards confidently knowing you are absolutely Bed Bug free! Whether we detect them or not, eminent "peace of mind" is right around the corner.

Our certified K9 teams engage in training regimes on a daily basis to stay sharp.

A typical day includes:

  • Exercise
  • Scent training on a discrimination wheel
  • Live Bed Bug hides
  • Examinations where no Bed Bugs are present
  • Grooming, healthcare and praise

April, Our Bed Bug Detecting Canine

Here are some important things to know about our examination:

  • Our K9 assisted Bed Bug detection teams are working a very high accuracy rate.
  • Humans are working at about a 20% accuracy rate in the case of low level infestations. This accuracy rate will increase as the level of infestation increases.
  • A False Positive is always a possibility; this occurs when our K9 "alerts" to an area even though there are no Bed Bugs present. This can happen for a few reasons. This is where our K9 inspector plays a pivotal role as part of the detection team. Our inspector is highly trained to accurately interpret what the K9 is demonstrating.
  • Possibility of a False Negative can happen too; this occurs when the canine DOES NOT alert when in fact there are insects present. This is far less likely to happen than a False Positive alert simply due to the fact that the odor from the Bed Bug is very strong.
  • Our inspectors are trained to visually confirm all K9 alerts whenever possible; this practice will help ensure accuracy. Unfortunately, human inspections cannot always locate a Bed Bug during the visual inspection, as Bed Bugs can be extremely small and hide in the smallest of cracks and crevices. A lack of a visual confirmation does not necessarily mean that a Bed Bug issue is not present. Additionally, the K9 alert is not a "pinpoint" alert, meaning that the Bed Bug may not be exactly where the canine has alerted. This is due to the Bed Bug odor "traveling" in the air current.

If Bed Bugs are detected, we will promptly design a customized, effective and environmentally sustainable Bed Bug elimination program. Your canine team will ensure a precise, targeted aggressive remediation.

If in fact your living space is free and clear of Bed Bugs, you can feel confident about living comfortably again. One way to ensure that you remain Bed Bug free is to install mattress, box spring and pillow encasements to vulnerable bedding.

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