Bed Bug Treatments and Remediation
  1. Bed Bug Treatments and Remediation


JP McHale Pest Management is the smart choice to manage your exposure to Bed Bug infestations. Early detection is the key to reducing your risk and costs associated with this ongoing epidemic. Vigilant examinations of high-risk areas on a regular basis are a key component to early interception. Aligning ourselves with strategic partners enables a level of synergy when executing successful Bed Bug prevention programs. Our outside-the-box mentality ensures all potential avenues of entry are revealed. Bed Bug prevention/elimination is very unorthodox and cumbersome if you do not perform this work regularly. It is critical to have specialized individuals who combat these cryptic creatures on a daily basis, delivering the underpinnings of a successful program. Bottom line, JP McHale Pest Management is your turn-key solution for achieving effective results in this most complex area of our industry.

Premier Bed Bug Elimination Services and Programs in the Northeast

Bed Bug management is not a job for every pest management professional. JP McHale Pest Management has 50 years of experience working to manage Bed Bugs and other pests. Every Bed Bug infestation is unique in culture, setting and structure. At JP McHale Pest Management, we provide thorough examinations and identification of home pest solutions.

We are happy to provide the following options to homeowners dealing with a Bed Bug infestation:

• Thermal Pest Solutions
• Hepa Vacuum Treatments
• Cryonite Applications
• Low-Risk Applications
• Mattress Covers and Encasements

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