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Rodent Exclusion Techniques & Methods

Rodents are among the most common types of pest infestations in New York City. This is because the city offers the ideal environment for rats and mice to proliferate. In a city as large as New York, there are plenty of places to hide and an overabundance of food available.

Of course, this often results in mice and rats showing up in places they aren’t welcome, like in your facility. This is why having a professional exterminator, like JP McHale, perform routine rodent exclusion services is so important for maintaining the safety and security of your commercial facility. Here’s an overview of our rodent exclusion techniques and methods.

How We Keep Rodents Out of Your Facility

The very first step in any rodent exclusion is to do a thorough examination of your facility inside and out. Our trained technicians know where to look and what to look for. They scour the exterior of the facility looking for signs of entry and they look for signs of habitation inside, such as urine, droppings, and other types of damage.

Once it is determined your facility has a rodent infestation, our technicians will employ proven extermination methods to eradicate the existing problem, which include placing rodent devices, such as catch traps or bait stations in strategic locations for the best result.

Next, our technicians will seal up any entry points into your facility through a variety of different methods determined by the location of the entry point. Such methods include:

  • Sealing cracks in the foundation
  • Sealing gaps around utility pipe or electrical wire entrances
  • Covering vents, attic louvers, and air vents
  • Replacing weather-stripping around doors
  • Installing metal kick plates on exterior doors

Our technicians will also educate you as to what you can do to help minimize the risk of rodents returning. Such tactics include sanitizing the facility, eliminating potential food and shelter sources, and doing routine inspections of the facility and its grounds.

Preventing rats from entering your premises is crucial for a healthy working environment. Because rats can be prolific disease carriers, control is essential to your New York business operations, as well as the health of your customers and your employees.

Why You Need Rodent Exclusion in New York City

Getting rid of a rodent infestation is only half of the job. If you really want to put an end to your battle against rats and mice, then you need professional rodent exclusion techniques performed at your facility by an extermination company with a reputation for success.

At JP McHale, we work with clients all throughout the New York City metro area. And, we can help you too. If your facility is overrun with mice or rats, you need to take action. Mice and rats are prolific disease carriers, so they can be detrimental to a healthy working environment. Therefore, rodent control is crucial for the health of your customers and your employees as well as for your reputation.