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Rat Control Services in NYC

In a city as large and populated as New York City, rats can and do thrive. In fact, over the years, seeing rats in the Big Apple has almost become an expected occurrence. But unfortunately, rats pose a serious risk to NYC’s businesses.

Even more importantly, they can pose serious health risks to NYC’s population. As a result, if you own a business and you think you have a rat infestation, you need rat control services immediately. Ignoring the problem could be extremely damaging to your business reputation and your brand.

At JP McHale Pest Management, our rat exterminators are specially-trained for dealing with any type of rodent problem. We can help you minimize your business risk by first getting rid of the infestation and then implementing an effective commercial rat control program that’s customized to meet your facility’s specific needs.

Let Our Rat Exterminator Protect Your NYC Area Business from Rodents
If you think your business is being affected by a rat infestation, then our rat exterminator in NYC can help.

The process typically consists of four stages:

  • We inspect your facility and identify the rodent problem
  • We diagnose the factors that are causing and contributing to the rodent problem
  • We consult with you to determine the most effective approach to a rodent-free environment
  • We treat the existing rodent problem and prevent future infestations using the right combination of rodent control methods for your business and your facility

JP McHale Pest’s commercial rat control program typically includes these key components:

  • Sanitation – Eliminating potential rodent food and shelter sources to limit infestations
  • Exclusion – Covering vents, securing gaps around loose pipes, treating wall voids, adding metal kick plates to doors
  • Prevention or Elimination – Placing rodent devices, such as catch traps or bait stations

Preventing rats from entering your premises is crucial for a healthy working environment. Because rats can be prolific disease carriers, control is essential to your New York business operations, as well as the health of your customers and your employees.

Our modern society has created an ideal environment for rodents in which they can thrive and multiply quickly. They are growing increasingly resistant to common prevention methods and regulations for the use of rodenticides are becoming more stringent. In order to deal with rodent problems, there is an urgent need for intelligent and environmentally friendly methods. The SMART box is the solution.

Contact JP McHale Pest Management today for more information on getting the maximum level of protection against rats and all manner of rodents common to the NYC area. We are the trusted rat exterminator in NYC – call us today.