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Whitefaced Hornets


5/8″ to 1″ Black and white in color. They are closely related to yellow jackets.


Nests are located in elevated areas, usually in non-visible areas such as in bushes and shrubs. The over wintering queen chooses the nesting area. Some nests have been found over two feed in diameter. Whitefaced hornets are beneficial because they assist in controlling various small insects.

How do they affect me?

These hornets will sting. They have the capability of stinging multiple times. Though they are beneficial in the wild, if a nest is found in a recreational area, it becomes dangerous.

What should I do?

Whitefaced hornets are covered under our Home Pest Prevention Program. If a nest is spotted, we recommend that you do not enter the vicinity near the nest until it has been removed. After a nest is removed, activity still can be present.