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Western Conifer Seed Bug

Is Your NY, NJ or CT Property Suffering From A Western Conifer Seed Bug Infestation?

The Western Conifer Seed Bug typically makes home in the Northeastern part of the United States during the months of June-November. They typically make their entry into your home or office building via apartments and windows, especially during the winter, to make their camp during the cold months of the year in the comfort of your home. These bugs develop on various types of plants and pines, and when disturbed do dispel a bizarre odor as a defense that smells somewhat “piney.” Because of the odor that these bugs are capable of causing, some refer to them as the “stink bug.” While they can be quite a nuisance, they are harmless to people. It is hard to keep this bug out of a home. You must be prepared for them. One way to keep them out of your homes is to carefully seal the exterior openings of your house in late summer and early fall.

Western Conifer Seed Bugs are covered under our Overwintering Insect program. Please contact us if you are interested.