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Is Your NY, NJ or CT Property Suffering From A Tick Infestation?


Ticks enjoy damp shaded areas. They will commonly be found around the eco-tone (grass edge, where lawn meets tree line) of your property. They will climb a tree or plant, and wait for a host to pass by. The back of the neck is the most common area to find a tick.

How do they affect me?

Ticks carry harmful disease such as Lyme disease. This disease if not caught in early stages can alter your brains functions, nerves, joints and heart. Extreme cases can cause paraplegia.

What can I do?

To prevent contracting a tick, stay in open areas with cut grass. If hiking, wear long pants and choose wide trails. Always inspect your body after returning inside. If you have dogs or small children and you live in a wooded area, we recommend the Vector Intervention Program that will target Ticks, Mosquitoes and rodents in one service.