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Paper Wasps


5/8″ to ¾” and brown with yellow stripes. Two wings and six legs.


They live in paper-like nests, with a honeycomb interior. They need a branch or twig to start the nest on. If the queen is not removed, the nest will be rebuilt quickly. Like many types of wasps, they are beneficial to the environment, except when they are in the vicinity of humans. The nest must be removed, and treated. These wasps enjoy feeding on caterpillars, flies, and beetle larvae.

How do they affect me?

Nests can be formed in the same area baldfaced hornets are, in bushes in shrubs. Yard work around your home can easily disturb a nest. Papers wasps have a powerful sting and there have been extreme cases of people being hospitalized from a swarm or allergic reaction to the sting.

What should I do?

Keep away from the nest. Paper wasps are covered under the Home Pest Prevention Program. We will come out and remove the nests. After a nest if removed we ask you do not enter the area because activity will still be present, and the wasps will become aggressive.