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Have Fleas Infested Your NY, NJ or CT Property?


1/8″, with a flat body. Fleas can appear black, brown or reddish. There are no wings present on this pest.


Ticks are commonly found on pets, however they can sill be present without any. They are attracted to moisture, requiring high humidity levels to stay alive. Fleas cannot fly, but they can jump up to 150 times their size.

How do they affect me?

Fleas will feed off pests, rats and many other rodents. They can transmit a host of diseases.

What should I do?

Treat any pets you have with Frontline or a similar product. Fleas are covered under our Home Pest Prevention program. They commonly take a few treatments to completely eradicate as their life cycle must be understood to properly eliminate the infestation. Please contact us if you think you have a flea infestation.