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Carpenter Ants


The Carpenter ant is one of the largest ants. They range from 1/4″- to 3/8″. These ants are most commonly found in black.


Carpenter ants live both inside and outside. They are most attracted to moisture, and rotting wood. These ants will leave behind “frass” which looks similar to saw-dust.

How do they affect me?

All structures are vulnerable to be infested with carpenter ants. Carpenter ants do not eat, but hollow wood out, which can eventually severely damage the structure.

What should I do?

Click video below to watch informative video about Carpenter Ants.

Follow common Integrated Pest Management techniques. Store any firewood away from your home and remove any dead wood or wood scraps from around the foundation. Trim dead limbs from trees and remove stumps. Rid your yard of these potential nesting sites. Make sure that all plumbing or roof leaks are sealed, and check crawl spaces for excess moisture. Water from rain gutters should be directed away from your home and not be allowed to accumulate close to the foundation. These ants are covered under our Home Pest Prevention program. We talk about carpenter ants often on our blog, so check it out.